Former Miss Nebraskas

Several former Miss Nebraskas with Miss America during a special Homecoming Luncheon.

Front Row: Jane Noseworthy, 2003; Paula Mitchell Pflueger. 1980; Sue Welch Fisher, 1954; Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011; Vicki Train Harris, 1991; Myra Katherine Hale, 1995; Rachel White Scott, 1996; Jill Pennington Deleault, 2000. Back Row: Krista Knicely Anderson, 2002; Mary Lynn Schnitzler Nordhues, 1993; Nicky Haverland, 2010; Brook Matthews Hudson, 2004; Jill Pershing Davis, 1981, Jodi Miller Holen, 1988

Also in attendance for some of the Homecoming Events, but not pictured were: Omaha- Jenny Lemmerman Reeser, 1998; Kelly Keiser Terrell, 2005. North Platte-Kristi Hilliard, 1989; Michelle Ebadi McCormick, 1990, Becky Smith Wagner, 1999; Brittany Jeffers, 2009.

The following is a list of our former Miss Nebraskas and their awards:

(For current information about them, click here)

2012-Mariah Cook

2011-Kayla Batt (Miss Congeniality, Non-Finalist Talent Winner)

2010-Nicky Haverland

2010-Teresa Scanlan (Miss America 2011)

2009- Brittany Jeffers (Top 10)

2008-Gretchen Bergquist

2007-Ashley Bauer

2006-Molly McGrath (Preliminary Fitness Winner)

2005-Kelly Keiser

2004-Brook Matthews

2003-Jane Noseworthy (Non-Finalist Talent Winner)

2002-Krista Knicely

2001-Tina Foehlinger (Top 20)

2000-Jill Pennington (Overall Non-Finalist Interview Winner)

1999- Becky Smith

1998-Jenny Lemmerman

1997-Kendra Quandt (1st runner up-Quality of Life Award, NFTA)

1996-Rachel White

1995-Myra Katherine Hale (2nd runner up-Quality of Life Award, NFTA)

1994-Jennifer Love

1993-Mary Lynn Schnitzler

1992-Natalie Kuijvenhoven

1991-Vicki Linn Train (Quality of Life Award,NFTA)

1990-Michelle Ebadi

1989-Kristi Hilliard (Quality of Life Award)

1988-Jodi Miller

1987-Mindee Zimmerman

1986-Donna Scheiffer

1985-Julie Meusburger (NFTA)

1984-Alison Boyd (NFTA)

1983-Kristin Lowenberg (Semi-Finalist)

1982-Sandra Haschke

1981-Jill Pershing

1980-Paula Louise Mitchell (Talent Award)

1979-Kathryn Ann Saathoff

1978-Guylyn Elaine Remmenga (Semi-Finalist, Preliminary Talent Award)

1977-Linda Kay Hallstrom (Talent Award, USO Troupe)

1976-Marion Catherine Watson

1975-Janet Kay Goode

1974-Sharon Sue Pelc

1973-Sandy Cramer

1972-Jeanine Giller

1971-Sally Lou Warner

1970-Debra Sue Sullivan

1969-Jane Deliese Briggeman (Miss Congeniality, Special Judges Award)

1968-Diane Boldt

1967-Terry Lee Schmidt

1966-Patricia Lee Van Horne (Special Judges Award)

1965-Karen Hansmeire

1964-Sandra Lee Rice

1963-Donna Marie Black

1962-Mary Lee Jepsen (Semi-Finalist)

1961-Nancy Lee Foreman

1960-Cheryl Ann Jaeke

1959-Joan Arolyn Sipes

1958-Sherry Johnson (Talent Award)

1957-Catherine L. Nielsen (Talent Award)

1956-Diane Knotek (Talent Award, Preliminary Talent Award)

1955-Sandra Spiecher

1954-Sue Welch Fisher

(First Television Broadcast in 1954)

1953-Diana Louise Hann

1952-Helen Francis Burhorn


Miss Nebraska 1951-Geraldine Elseman, Omaha

Miss Nebraska 1950-Jinx Burrus, Crete

Miss Nebraska 1949-Vanita Mae Brown, Omaha

Nebraska had two representatives in 1948, a Miss Nebraska and a Miss Omaha.

Miss Omaha 1948-Serena McKinney

Miss Nebraska 1948-Betty Love Booth, Fremont

(First Miss America crowned in Evening Gown in 1948 -- BeBe Shopp, MN)

Miss Omaha 1947-Madalyn Joyce King

Miss Omaha 1946-Marjorie Ann Hanson

((Scholarships added at the national level in 1945))

Miss Nebraska 1942-Clarie Buglewicz (town missing)

Miss Nebraska 1938-Emajar Newby, Humboldt

Miss Nebraska 1937-Ruth Lenore Jones, Nebraska City

Miss Omaha 1926-Anne Kathleen Fouca

Miss Omaha 1925-Myrtis Roach (The first representative to Miss America from Nebraska was Miss Omaha in1925.)

(Miss America Started 1921, but discontinued in 1928, until 1933)


(Src: Ric Ferentz, Miss Am Historian 4-22-01)